In the far-away land of Bolivia, where the Andean Mountains rise high above 21,000 feet, one morning in the year 1956, Yecid was born and would go on to become a very important producer and mind changer.


MARRIED TO: Viktoriia Merkulova

GRADUATED: University of Miami

DEGREE: Mechanical Engineer (B.S.)

CORPORATE: President of Artistas Latinos Corp. in the USA., and Artistas Latinos Ltda. in Bolivia. President and Chairman of “Siembra” Foundation in Bolivia and the “Artistas Latinos Cultural Center” Foundation in the USA.

TALENTS: Singer – Composer – Arranger – Designer – Public & Motivational Speaker

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Guitar / Keyboard / Charango / Quena / Zampoña

CAREERS: Producer – Entrepreneur – Sound and Acoustic Engineer – Sound Design – Leadership Trainer

HOBBIES: Hiking – Rock & Ice climbing – Sailing – Air brush painting – Wood work – Machine construction

LANGUAGES: Fluent in English and Spanish

I’m a sojourner, on a new path I go Leaving Egypt behind, without looking back I’m a sojourner, speaking the truth I go Casting seeds all around I’m a sojourner, on a new path I go Carrying my guitar until the end I’m a sojourner, speaking the truth I go Treading on scorpions that come around I have a long way to go I’ll reach the end of the road No one can drive me out of the way I’m a sojourner with destiny I’m a sojourner that found the way There in no more loneliness There is no more bondage in me Free, free, I am free Free, free, I am free