His Music

California dreaming was the inspirational place for Yecid. He lived in San Francisco trough the critical times of change in expression and art. Music sank into his soul.

Talents: Singer – Composer – Arranger – Show Business
Instruments: Guitar / Keyboard / Charango / Quena / Zampoña
Technical: Producer – Manager – Sound and Acoustic Engineer

His Music
  • Yecid & Paola
  • BJ-4
  • Inspiration
  • 4 The World

2012 – CD – 4 The World

The Benavides family travels to Los Angeles, California with DESCONEXION a short film selected in the Palm Spring Short Film Festival. In this opportunity they decide to record in Casa Digital Studios of Miguel Angel Provenzano “4 The World” a true artistic project of 4 songs in English and Spanish. Three compose by Yecid and one by Yecid Jr. This is a unique production of the whole family, a dream come true of Susana and Yecid, the two sons recording and singing with them.

Recorded: Casa Digital Estudios – Los Angeles, California, USA

1990 -2005 – CD – Inspiration

Yecid and Susana traveled throughout Bolivia, singing their songs and Susana produced her first album with Christian songs, called “Simplemente”, and other songs composed by Yecid. The album was well received by the public, despite minimal advertising. Yecid’s and Susana’s career led them to travel to Argentina, Venezuela, United States and received invitations from Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay and Europe. “I Will Follow You”, along with “Me Quiso Asi”, “For a Bit of Wine”, “There is True Love”, “Sortilegio”, “No Matter the Problem” and “How Will I Rest”, are the most successful of the two productions: Simplemente and Inspiration. In 2003 these songs and others were compiled in a CD named “Songs in the Spirit”.

Recorded: Javier Jorquera – La Paz, Bolivia

Mix and Master: EPLABOL Estudios – Santa Cruz, Bolivia

1987 – 1992 – EKKLESIA BAND

In October 1987, while he was preparing his BJ4 international tour Yecid met the Lord and his life was radically changed. Yecid dissolved BJ4 and concentrated his efforts on Christianity. He formed the Ekklesia, the musical group of the church of the same name and took the place of the leader of “praise.” Yecid donated his recording studio, sound equipment and music to the church. Since then dedicated his time and life to the work.

In April 1989, Susana also met the Lord. Six months later, Susana and Yecid renewed their vows, after three years of separation. Yecid continued to compose for Ekklesia Musical Group, along with other Christian singers

Yecid Benavides


Ekklesia Band

In The Army

Ekklesia Band

Preforming at the Casa de la Casa

1983 – 1986 – Compañia BJ-4 Folklore Rock

The group developed a new genre of rock that took the classic rock sound and fused with Bolivian native instruments, creating a completely unique style. With the combination of talent and originality, BJ4 immediately rose to the top. In 1982, they signed a contract with the Hotel Los Tajibos, the five star hotel Bolivia’s most exclusive, prestigious international show for their music. Due to the popularity of the show, the hotel was forced to enlarge their space three times its original size, to accommodate the growing crowds attracted to the group. After completion of the contract, the band decided to start a tour across the country and perform with renown artists such as Jose Feliciano, Roberto Carlos, Stratus, etc. With his skills in sound engineering, Yecid opened a professional recording studio in La Paz. This gave him the opportunity to discover, develop, manufacture and represent more than a dozen musical groups throughout the country.

Main Vocal: Susana Joffré
Vocal, Calssica Guitar, Zampoña, Quena y Charango: Yecid Benavides
Keyboard, Guitar and Chorus: Mauricio Barrionuevo
Lead Guitar, Vocal and Chorus: Carlos (Monserrat) Rojas
Base, Vocal and Chorus: Charly Barrionuevo
Drums, Percussion and Chorus: Ricky Peñaloza

Yecid Benavides

Susana Joffré


Folklore Rock


Recorded in Discolandia


The group

1983 – 1986 – BJ-4 International

That same year, Susana joined Yecid and Paola to form a trio that preformed an international show with song of diferent lenguages and famos singers of the era. After a successful tour, and his marriage to Susan, Yecid turned his attention to the world of rock, forming BJ-4 (Young Bolivia in 4th. Musical Dimension).

Main Vocal: Susana Joffré
Vocal: Paola Benavides
Vocal, Calssica Guitar, Zampoña, Quena y Charango: Yecid Benavides
Keyboard: Cacho Argote
Lead Guitar, Vocal and Chorus: Carlos (Monserrat) Rojas
Base and Chorus: Oscar Guillen
Drums, Percussion and Chorus: Ricky Peñaloza

Paola & Yecid

International Show

Susana, Yecid and Paola

Intetnational Show

1982 – 1983 – Yecid & Paola

The duo returned periodically to Bolivia, bringing their music home and was warmly received by the public. As they sang with prominent Bolivian artists, the duo met Joffré Susana, who was already a successful singer, having performed with Julio Iglesias, Manolo Otero and Django, among others. She also performed in Brazil and Spain and, in 1980, represented Bolivia in “OTI”, a world renowned song festival in Argentina


Compose their own songs

1975 – 1982 – Yecid & Paola

In 1975, he moved to Miami, where he formed a duo with her sister, Paola. Four years later, he received his degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Miami. While attending college, Yecid with her sister made presentations in various places in South Florida, as Les Follies, El Arriero and played with renowned singers such as Nelson Ned, Sophy and Cito Celante, among others.

Yecid & Paola

Photo Session

Paola & Yecid



National Day of Bolivia

1970 – 1975 – Los Condores De Bolivia

In 1970 Yecid Benavides began his musical career as a teenager in California, playing in a band with his family. This Bolivian Folk Group played in different cultural event through California and become one of the most significant representations of Bolivian music in San Francisco California during the beginning of the 70’s

Vocal: Paola, Antonio & Yecid
Guitar 1: Antonio Benavides
Guitar 2: Paola Benavides
Guitar, Charango, Quena y Zampoña: Yecid Benavides
Drum: Elizabeth Benavides

Los Condores de Bolivia

TV Contest

Los Condores de Bolivia

TV San Francisco, California

Nano Sillerico, Inés y Yecid


Inés, Yecid, Antonio, Elizabeth

The Family Group Perfeorming

Fernando, Inés, Yecid and German