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Writer of The Controversial Book "Grace Or Disgrace" & The Story and Script of The Feature Film "Engaño a Primera Vista".

Talents: Statement Writer – Stories – Screenplays – Christian Controversial – Articles
Languages. English and Spanish (fluids)

His Writings
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2015 – Story & Script  “DECEIT AT FIRST SIGHT”

Original Title – Engaño a Primera Vista
Theme – Looks are deceitful; honesty is always best.
Genre – Romantic / Comedy
Tagline – 
The things two nerds are willing to do for a Mac computer.
Protagonists – 
Two nerdy brothers and two drop-dead gorgeous women.
Log line –
Two extremely nerdy brothers are hell-bent on winning the laptop of their dreams, but in order to do so they must, in only 48 hours, get a kiss from two gorgeous girls who are completely out of their league.

Sinopsis – Two painfully nerdy brothers: a disorganized, disheveled and a bit arrogant 24-year old, and an obsessively organized, calculating and shy 22-year old, work free-lance xing computers, developing apps and editing corporate videos to make ends meet and pay the old, annoying landlady that rents them a small studio. One day they meet with their 3 buddies, as usual, at the 2×1 Wednesdays at MegaCenter, the local Mall/Cine-complex, and by accident spill soda on one of their netbooks, a key work tool for them, which short-circuits and burns. This leads them to…

Gus & Pokhe


Yuvinka & Yesenia


Pokhe, Arturo y Yamil

The Friends

Maria Elena Alcoreza

Supporting Actriz

Gus & Pokhe




2011 – Book  “GRACE OR DISGRACE”

Yecid was never conformed to the ways church organization, institution and establishment reflected the teachings of Jesus, especially in this last century. He wrote all he, heard, learn and experience from God during 15 years of his close involvement with the church. The reading of his writing is easy and fluent. “Gracia o Desgracia” has been translated to English and has the same power and fluency as the Spanish version. Yecid has been able not only to show where he stands in Christianity and in the world but that he is also a controversial writer with lots of talent and much to tell.

Presentation by Gente Comun

The presentation of the book in the Cinemateca was a one of a kind does to the amount of people attending and supporting Yecid points of view.


In many places and different countries conferences and seminars are held in order to spread the teachings. As Yecid speaks in the seminars people have a new vision of the reality of having a spiritual live instead of a religious one.

The Book

English version


Reading some pages


Signing outographs

The Book

Spanish version





2010 – Story – “THE SECRET TRUTH”

The Secret Truth is one of the works that took more than two years to be written with a group of friends and writers that oversee the work and brought incredible insight into the story. This script has the essence of the imagination and talent of storytelling that Yecid has always had since a little boy.


Bolivia in the cities of La Paz, Oruro, Potosi

The Truth

Will bring freedom

Yecid Benavides



Santa Cruz City

Thousands of People

Satanding for their rights


Part of their life

The People

Ready to confront repression

2009 – Story & Script “DESCONEXION”

The story of DESCONEXION comes to the mine of Yecid when he is talking to his son Johanan and both are walking down one of the principal avenues of La Paz, the subject is what would be a good story for a short film. Randomly Yecid tells Johanan what about this story, at the site he invents DESCONEXION and the elaboration of the idea and the scrip began. The three of them Yecid, Yecid Jr. and Johanan worked in getting this script done


La Paz, Bolivia

Yecid Benavides



Main Character

Reading The Script


The Family

Rochester N.Y.


Main Character

Yecid Benavides


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2018 – New productions

Yecid is writing two important books, one about love and the other about times. He is also finishing the story of The Poet, Wroth a Fortune, the translations of The Secret Truth, and the development of two new feature films.

Residency: He leaves now in Miami Beach