Yecid created the SIEMBRA FOUNDATION an institution devoted to promote progress for Latin America and especially developing countries.

Teach the underprivileged families how to fish in not enough


We need to teach and help underprivileged families to sell their fish, how to market and how finances work.

01. Give them the fishing rod

  • It is important to provide them with a place where they can live and work and the necessary tools and equipment to work.

02. Teach them how to fish

  • They must be trained to make the product with competitive quality. The product must supply a need in the market.

03. Teach them finances and marketing

  • They should know that tons of fish is not enough. It is necessary to initially buy their product until they learn to sell it. Then teach them how to save and invest their money and promote their product.

The SIEMBRA FOUNDATION provides underprivileged families with a workshop and machinery, teaches them how to make the product, how to sell it and how to reinvest their money.

Yecid, together with the Latino Artists team, installed in his offices a professional recording studio, a movie theater and a gallery that exhibits the works of art produced by SIEMBRA microenterprises.

View Artistas Latinos Corp.

This foundation promoted art, talent and help underprivileged families to come out of a poor life through education and artwork.


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